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Produkte von EGG BACK HOME

Products made with love in Portugal, handmade ceramics, by real people! High standard service quality and a concern for the environment.
We accepted the challenge of packaging fragile products without plastic, and we are very proud of it!
EGG BACK HOME? Why is this name so unusual? like every project that starts small, the interior expression of the creator ends up being the entire universe of the brand.
Egg Back Home was born from a dream, a rescue of myself, Egg means life, birth, “Back Home” is the Journey, the reunion with myself, so that I never forget where I came from, or who I am. And life in your walk always surprises, and brought me back to the path I always wanted to go.
Egg Back Home is for all those who feel happiness in the small memories, in the details, in a slower breakfast, in the care when receiving those we love. When you buy Egg Back Home, you are buying a service made with immense care, dedication and hard work from a fantastic team, because alone I could never have made it this far.


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